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When You Should Book an Electrical Repair Service


Electrical work should only be done by a licensed and qualified expert. This dangerous job can lead to serious injuries with one mistake. You need to undergo the training to perform this job properly. Do not risk your own life for a simple faulty wiring problem at home. You should book a professional electrical repair service right away.

Even a well-maintained electrical system can have problems. There are certain tasks you can do, like changing a light bulb. You should remember that there are certain tasks that should be done by an electrician. Here are the instances where you need to book a professional electrical repair service right away:

  • Don’t Repair the Weatherhead

The Weatherhead, also known as the periscope, connects the electrical lines to your house. If you notice that something is wrong with it, you should call your electrician right away. Do not attempt to fix or adjust the pole on your own. Can you imagine 200 amps of electricity coursing through your entire body in just a few minutes?

  • Don’t Mess with the Service Lugs

Service lugs are used to secure the electrical cables on your circuit panel. You should call an electrician if the service lugs have been ripped or cut. Even if you turn off the main breakers, you are still at risk of being electrocuted. The electrician has all the necessary tools to fix your problematic service lugs right away.

  • Don’t Touch the Wiring System

Dealing with an entire electrical wiring system is no walk in the park. This is why you should call an electrician when you know that something is wrong with it. As previously mentioned, turning the main breakers off won’t do you any good. You will still be at risk of being electrocuted.

If you want to book a professional electrical repair service, Hurley's Electrical Services, Inc is the company you should turn to. Our job is to ensure your electrical system is always in good condition. We will give you a permanent solution to all your recurring problems. You should call (512) 501-0548 or visit our office in Austin, TX to get your free price estimate today!