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It’s a fact that house fires are most commonly caused by faulty electrical wiring. Despite that, most homeowners aren’t aware that their electrical system is problematic until it happens. It might not be too late to thoroughly inspect your electrical systems and wiring. Be attentive to the state of your system and protect your home from any untoward accidents. Your local electrician will be the one to help you keep that from happening. That call might just save you and your property. Here some of the most common signs of faulty wiring to watch out for:

Discolored Plugs and Sockets

Sockets that have burst on one occasion in the past will be visibly charred and burnt-out. Check your sockets for any black dust and unplug anything that no longer looks safe. Call your electrician to run tests to ensure they’re properly working. If not, allow them to make repairs as necessary.

Faulty Circuit Breakers

The function of a circuit breaker is to regulate the flow of electricity in your system. When it reaches a certain limit—usually when overloaded—it’s designed to trip and stop the flow of electricity. If your circuit breakers trip way too often, even if you feel that the electricity is below the limit, there could be something wrong with it. Consult your electrical specialist to diagnose the issue.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be chocked up to old and out-of-capacity light bulbs. When you’ve replaced the bulb and flickering still happens, it could signal loose wiring. A professional will be glad to check it out for you.

Grounding Switches

Switches giving you a shock usually happen when a wire inside the outlet or fuse box loses its insulation. Refrain from using the switch and book an appointment with a professional to make repairs immediately.

If you find any of the problems present in your home, schedule an appointment with your electrician immediately. We at Hurley's Electrical Services, Inc can be the perfect team to assist you in Austin, TX. Call us now at (512) 501-0548 for appointments and inquiries.