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What to Expect When You Become an Electrician Apprentice?


An electrician’s apprentice is a person that works under an experienced and licensed electrician in order to learn their trade via first-hand experience. This can be either part of a class or through licensing coursework, and it can be by an individual that strikes an agreement with a professional in their area. With a few cases, an apprenticeship is necessary to become licensed.


Most regions require electricians to take a formal course either via a trade or technical college. With some cases, students sometimes sign up to become an apprentice during school to be classed as part of their training. Other times a license can be obtained in school. Either way, an electrician’s apprentice will work under the supervision of a master electrician on various different jobs.


Electrical apprentices are sometimes hired as employees and will be paid a salary for their work. The amount of time they need to be an apprentice does various from region to region. Some only have to be an apprentice for a few months, while others may have to work for several years. With most cases, one can become licensed without being an apprentice, however, they have to work for another electrician before they are allowed to start their own company. Payment for licensed apprentices is higher than those working without a license.


There are also differences between an apprentice and an intern. The former will be paid for work and hired as an employee, the latter will not be paid and will only work for a few hours every week. Either option is a suitable method to become an electrician, however, an apprenticeship is generally preferred.


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