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Confused at the Multitude of Wiring in Your Home?

What Are the Different Kinds of Wiring a Home Electrical Service Deals With


Electrical wiring is the system of conductors and associated hardware that is used to carry electricity. The different kinds of wiring used do vary depending on 3 factors, these are location, purpose, and how much electricity is to be carried. For instance, a home electrical service will not put the same wiring in a house as in an office building. Which means the correct electrical wiring system needs to maximize energy efficiency.


The wire is referred to as an electrical conductor, it is mostly made out of copper, however, any materials that conduct electricity can be used. The wire will be insulated, this protects the conductor against damage. Insulations are made using such materials like plastics and fiber. The type of insulation used will greatly depend on where the electrical wiring is going to be placed.


There is in place an international standard for the numerous kinds of wires and cables used in an electrical system. Which allows electricians and laymen to know what wires are in an electrical system. For instance, color coating is used to identify wires for safety, repair and installation purposes. These colors are not, however, the same everywhere. For instance, a brown wire means a live wire in most EU countries, New Zealand and Australia. By contrast, a black brass wire is known to be the live wire in the United States and Canada.


Stranded wires are often used in residential houses, these consist of various small-gauge wires which are wrapped around a main wire. The stranded wire will increase the amount of electricity that is carried. It is also used because it is extremely flexible and easy to bend, this is ideal for installing electrical wiring behind walls etc.


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