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High-Quality Electrical Wiring Service

For most home and business owners, understanding and completing electrical wiring projects can be complicated and beyond their comfort zone. It is also messy, labor-intensive, and if done by a person with no experience, can lead to damage and might compromise your property’s safety. Having a certified professional for electrical wiring service means that you can rest assured knowing that wiring projects are completed to the highest standard. Here at Hurley's Electrical Services, Inc, we are experts when it comes to electrical wiring projects. If you own a home or a business in Austin, TX, call us right away if you are in need of electrical wiring services.


Quality Wiring Services

Our highly-qualified electricians will help you analyze and diagnose electrical problems in your home and determine a solution. We will also help you decide the best options when it comes to rewiring your home, which includes upgrading service panels, adding new circuits and wiring, arranging and running phone and data lines, or remove tube or aluminum wiring. Our team will do the hard work of running and replacing wires, as well as testing connections. With our impeccable electrical wiring service, you know that your electrical wiring is in the hands of experienced professionals.


State Compliance and Strict Safety Procedures

We make sure that our electrical wiring service is up to code and our work guaranteed to pass all inspections. From new wiring to replacements or upgrades, we will make sure that the project is compliant with state electrical standards. With a team of experienced and talented technicians, we will complete the electrical wiring project on time or even earlier. Of course, we do our job quickly, however, we will also take strict safety precautions to ensure that your property and our workers are always safe. Our workers are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.


Here at Hurley's Electrical Services, Inc, we make sure that we attain complete customer satisfaction. Call us now at (512) 501-0548. We serve the Austin, TX area.