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What Are the Different Kinds of Electrical Services Jobs?


There are various electrical services industry jobs, such as an electrician, high line worker to a draughtsman. Each of these jobs means working with electricity. Some jobs will mean running electrical feed to major construction sites, while others work on electrical boxes and boards for manufacturers. Building inspectors, elevator installers, and vehicle repair technicians are just a few of these jobs within this industry.


Electrical jobs run from linesman that work on overhead electrical cables to maintaining transformers and fixing downed lines to electricians who wire breaker boxes within residential homes. When severe winds and ice knock out the power and millions of homes do not have electricity, those within electrical industry, like linesmen, will be called to fix the problem. Cherry trucks, which raise workers to repair broken cables, are used in order to restore electricity to homes and businesses. It is these workers that install new lines and power poles when constructing new power lines.


When a home is first built, an electrician will be called to wire up the property and ensure the power outlets work properly without creating an electrical shock to the homeowners. A breaker box is also wired by someone within the electrical industry. Electrical draughtsmen draw up electrical service plans to new subdivisions to provide an invaluable service without creating something which is sore on the eyes. This will involve underground electrical wires, and sometimes includes bringing power to a new site from an already established electrical supplier.


Many electricians sometimes choose to become utility inspectors, checking out any installations within new construction site builds, in addition to remodeled properties. They will make sure that all lines, breaker boxes and connections are up to code. Some jobs need inspectors to crawl beneath buildings to properly check the wiring and power connections. Others specialize in elevator installation or electrical mechanics.


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